What is the polyurethane line


    Polyurethane lines, also known as PU lines , polyurethane lines is the most popular in Europe and America the most popular new high-end construction and decoration of raw materials, it has the following excellent features: 

quality: product is not deformed, no cracking, not decay; corrosion, Can perennial adhere to the stability of information. Not insects, no termites; no water, no water, can be washed directly. 

Construction of fast: light material, and all the goods have been painted white paint, can be posted directly, great savings in labor and paint. 

Easy to process: can be sawing, planing, can file, the device almost no waste, economic and environmental protection. 

Good color: the ability to change the appearance of a variety of colors of water-based and oily paint, color after a long time to keep. Imitation stone, imitation wood, imitation metal, vivid. 

Green: no radiation, no evaporation. After the high temperature differentiation does not occur any harmful gases to the human body.   

Product technology: beautiful goods, durable, beautiful. Large magnificent, small pieces of exquisite small. All improve the taste of decoration. 

Widely used: indoor and outdoor are excellent, for residential, villas, hotels, American salon, nightclubs, salons, dance halls, hotels, workplaces, conference rooms and other surface decoration.

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