Ceiling is the roof of the living environment of the top decoration. Simply put, refers to the decoration of the ceiling, is an important part of interior decoration. The ceiling has the role of insulation, insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, but also electrical, ventilation and air conditioning, communications and fire, alarm pipeline equipment and other projects hidden layer. 

    Before you choose to install the ceiling, you have to first determine your home need to do the ceiling: 

    First, we need to clear what the ceiling: 

    Function: blocking equipment, pipes, easy to install lamps, central air conditioning and other purposes. 

    Decorative: Coordinate the proportion of space, shape the room style.     Relatively speaking, the kitchen, bathroom because there are pipes and heating ventilation equipment, the basic will do ceiling, on the one hand is to cover the ceiling, on the one hand also easy to install embedded lighting.     However, many people in the decoration will feel anyway to be a ceiling, especially the living room to a "circle top", it is good to say that their home decoration. Did not consider the need for ceiling, ceiling style is appropriate. This kind of hanging in order to hang, brush feel to others to see.     If you do not want to ceiling, but there are beams in the house, how to do the pipeline?     If you do not mind, you can also beam and pipe exposed to the outside, but also do some simple processing, so that the alignment is more beautiful.     If you think the beam and the pipeline abruptly, you can use the local ceiling, or to be a flat top enough, do not have to add a trick. What is the type of ceiling? A, integrated ceiling of the ceiling of the     kitchen and toilet, the lights, fans, Yuba and other products set in a ceiling, most of the material used is aluminum plate.     Advantages: the appearance of smooth, smooth surface coating, but also a large number of applications in the office and other public places.     Disadvantages: the gap at the connection is very obvious. B, gypsum board ceiling

    Advantages: the use of water-resistant plaster board + waterproof latex paint + cement-based water putty, water, anti-cracking. In addition, smallpox and the wall seams, the use of neutral mildew silicone to further seal, further isolation of moisture intrusion, the gap is more beautiful. 

    Disadvantages: disassembly. But as long as the toilet, the location of the drain, set the activities of the maintenance port, you can easily repair equipment, replace the wire. 

C, aluminum slab plate ceiling 

    Advantages: moisture-proof fire and rust, easy to care, pattern style, kitchen, bathroom, aisle generally do flat ceiling, the application is also very wide, two, three aluminum slab ceiling is also more and more many. 

    Disadvantages: manufacturers are made of modular buckle board, so generally more square shape, modeling flexibility in general. 

D, pu ceiling 

    advantages: moisture-proof fire mildew, easy to care, style modeling with random, color can be customized. Hall, bedroom, aisle can do ceiling, the application is very extensive. 

    Disadvantages: the cost of color types based on a large gap between the cost of labor with the woodworking. 

E, woodworking ceiling 

    Advantages: the best effect of the scene can be customized to your proportion in proportion to expand, the surface can be scraping putty, brush wall paint, stickers wallpaper, how to get on how to get. 

    Disadvantages: the composition of the cost of the plate is difficult to estimate according to different shapes, labor costs accounted for a relatively high proportion. 

All kinds of ceiling, how do you choose? 

    Budget is not much: kitchen bathroom installed PVC gusset, hall and room gypsum line, the general family, kitchen bathroom with aluminum buckle board, the hall to do half or two ceiling (gypsum line, carpentry, aluminum buckle can) complex modeling: the most Good choice of woodworking ceiling. 

    Wet areas: sauna board, aluminum plate, PVC, PU lines. 

Finally, Xiaobian to remind you to pay attention to a few questions: 

    1, the composition of the ceiling is more complex, to ask the price of accessories, whether the price includes installation costs, keel costs, aluminum beam costs, income side line costs.

    2, the ceiling style is purely personal taste problems, they feel good-looking on the line, do not be too concerned about the so-called mainstream ideas, so I focus on the quality of the problem.     3, small advice ceiling is best closed not easy to hide gray kind of design, if less than 2.6 is not recommended storey multi-level ceiling, a small space where Jian Jie shapes better.

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